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Work as a team to acquire all the materials you need to build your very own wacky racer and then join your colleagues on the starting grid for the wildest race you've ever seen!

An activity that challenges people to be creative and think out of the box. Popular with large and small teams that like to be hands-on in a project.


Chequered Flag is a fun-packed event that has one clear objective for teams - to design, plan and build their very own wacky racing machine. However, materials don't come cheap and if they are to succeed, they will need to work together to complete various team tasks and challenges to earn the cash they need to buy the specialist equipment required.

Challenges can be tailor-made to address specific issues or themes such as communication, problem solving or project planning and tasks can be designed to include a range of activities to suit all interests.

The event culminates in a fun racing finale as teams go 'head to head' on the race track to gain the coverted Chequered Flag.

A fun event that allows individual and team creativity to blossom!

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2 hours +


Time management

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