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Quantum Challenge is a multitude of fun team building activities where teams attempt to solve as many team challenges as they possibly can within the time limit.

Team challenges include boomwhacking, bell ringing, napkin folding, balloon modeling, trigonometry solving, cup stacking, beer mat flipping, mystery solving, etiquette relay racing, hand shadow making, sailor knot-tying, tricky suitcase packing, mini bike racing and LOTS more. To say there's "something for everyone" would be an understatement!

Teams will be certainly be fully challenged with creative, technical, mental, sensory, problem solving, general knowledge and physical team games and activities.

On completion of each team challenge, teams are rewarded with fun money. Activities are categorised in difficulty ratings and the more difficult the activity, the more fun money is awarded. So teams will need to decide on their strategy of quality versus quantity. Should they attempt to complete as many of the smaller team games as possible and earn their money gradually or spend more time working on the more challenging team building activities for a bigger payout?

Time management, strategy and excellent use of all the individual team members' skills will be the key to victory in this fast-paced team building challenge extravaganza!


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Indoors or Outdoors


1-4 hours


Time management
Tactical thinking
Healthy competition
Team spirit
Logical problem solving

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