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Comic Capers is a popular team activity that brings out the creativity in teams as they plan, write and produce their very own unique Photo-Story Board!


Comic Capers is a great activity designed to get people working together, thinking 'out of the box' and having fun!  Each team is provided with a specific brief outlining a number of Photo-Story topics from which they must choose a title and then create their own photo masterpiece.


Armed with a range of unique resources, the clock is ticking and it's down to your team to plan, design and produce your own unique Photo-Story. Will it be your interpretation of Treasure Island, or perhaps a re-creation of the Office Party or even your own unique range of motivational quotes.

Whatever the topic, your team will need to work together and get creative in order to come up with your own photo-story in time to share your results with the rest of the team.  And with some crazy props available from the on-site ‘Prop-Shop’, it's time to get creative, 'snap away' and capture your unique photos before visiting the on-site 'Print Shop' to print out your high quality pictures and then create your final Photo-Board.

Previous story boards have included everything from ‘How The West Was Won’ and ‘The Office Christmas Party’ to more focused story boards that have incorporated key conference messages in a fun but meaningful way.

Comic Capers is a great event to promote creativity within a team and get people thinking ‘outside the box’. Plus, it’s a great opportunity to see just how creative a team can really be as they work together to design and produce their unique story boards.

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