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Race for Space is an unusual high impact activity that sees teams working together to build and launch their very own rocket! The activity can be run as a fun breakout event or be designed as longer team activity.

Race for Space is a flexible activity that can be run in a number of different ways to suit different team sizes, timings and venues. From an hour long breakout session to a full day's activity.

The event kicks off with a briefing by our Launch Controller and then it's down to teams to work together to acquire all the necessary pieces required to build and launch their rocket. On shorter events, this can be as straightforward as locating the parts during a satellite navigation treasure hunt to longer events where teams are given budgets and challenges to complete before they can purchase the parts.

Once found, teams head off to the allocated launch zone where, under the supervision of our experienced staff, the pieces are assembled by the team and connected to the electronic firing mechanisms. Once complete, the Launch Controller commences the final countdown and then they’re off. 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... Blast off!

If all has gone to plan, the engines flare, the rockets launch in a plume of smoke, fly to over 500 feet and gently float back down to earth on the in-built parachute.

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