Create your own unique ice cream with this popular and creative team building event!

A tasty twist on team building!

Happy Sundaes is an indulgent team challenge that's a treat for everyone. Teams must synchronise their taste buds and invent a new ice cream flavour! They must then develop their product as a brand and produce a marketing strategy to maximise sales. The event concludes with the all important taste test!

What’s involved?

Teams begin by inventing their new flavour of ice cream. With a wide range of ingredients, teams will need to work together and let their imaginations run wild.  The more adventurous teams can go mad with the not-so-obvious ingredients, in the style of Heston Blumenthal's gourmet egg and bacon ice cream!

Once decided, teams put their chosen ingredients into a recipe and make their unique ice cream product. Each team has a work station with top quality ice cream making facilities.

With the ice cream making underway, teams then develop their brand, giving it a catchy name and designing and making the packaging. This will need to reflect their brand and appeal to their target market.

A marketing strategy is then devised by each team to show how they intend to advertise their product. A sales pitch will be presented to the judges at the end and teams perform their own advert in a fun finale!

Teams must stick to a limited time scale and budget to achieve sweet success. Extra points can be earned by completing tasks such as a quiz on the ice cream industry and an amusing ‘name that tune’ of popular songs performed in the style of ice cream van chimes!

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding and after a rigorous tasting session (it's a tough job) prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

A fun event with a tasty twist that’s bound to get all teams screaming for more ice cream!

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2-3 hours


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