Wine Events

Wine activities can range from our informative pre-dinner blind wine tasting sessions, with our wine experts, to a fun wine based quiz designed to be run over a team lunch or dinner. Designed for anybody that enjoys wine, from the rank amateur to the budding professional, our popular wine events provide teams with a fun, educational and entertaining activity.

Our wine events are designed to provide teams with a range of different activities that contain a common theme - wine!

Whether you’re looking for a small event to lead you into dinner, or an ‘all-singing, all-dancing’ quiz night with a difference, our wine events will provide you with an interesting insight into the world of wine, wine tasting and wine production. Typical examples include the following...

Blind Wine Challenge
- this challenge makes for a perfect ice breaker after a long conference or just a bit of fun during pre-dinner drinks. If required, the challenge can incorporate champagnes, malts or even a specialist spirits section.

The Blind Wine Challenge typically incorporates generous tastings of six choice wines, with an informative wine tasting booklet detailing the intricacies of the craft, prizes for the winning tasters, and then to the serious part… finishing the ample amounts of wine!

Call my Wine Bluff - did you know that it takes a two year apprenticeship to become a master grape treader? No? That's because it's not true! But listen carefully, and our panel of wine buff/bluff characters might persuade you otherwise.

Our fun team challenge, especially designed to run through dinner, provides an evening of mirth, merriment and factual delights, and adds a refreshing twist to the traditional wine tasting experience.

Other wine events can be designed to meet your specific requirements, time slots and team needs.

Fact File

Numbers: 5-100+

Location: Indoors

Duration: 1 hr +

Benefits: Staff reward
Client entertaining
Team work

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