The Charity Challenge

The Charity Challenge team building event is a unique team event that promotes team work and provides real benefits through ‘fun and fundraising’.

A superb option for teams looking for a fun team building activity that can also bring wider benefits to a worthy cause. Not only does the team have a great time, a charity also benefits from their efforts as teams work together to undertake a range of fun team building challenges - all with the aim of earning money for a charity of their choice!

The Charity Challenge is about having fun with a purpose. During the event, each team will work together to complete a number of upbeat team building challenges which could include anything from balloon modelling or solving a murder to designing their version of the Sydney Opera House! As part of each challenge, the team is rewarded with unique 'Charity Chips' - how many will depend on how well each team works together to complete the tasks.

At various times during the event, teams will have an opportunity to bank their 'chips' which will be converted into real cash and at the end of the event, a final figure will be totalled for the whole group and the results announced to the team. This final amount will then be added onto a presentation cheque made out to a charity of your choice.

Where possible (and if we have details of your chosen charity in advance), we can arrange for a representative of the charity to join us on the day to receive the cheque and provide a short overview on how the money raised is likely to be used to benefit the organisation.

The Charity Challenge is a fun team building event that can be delivered in a range of flexible formats to meet your specific needs.

Team building event with a difference that benefits your team, your business and your community.

Fact File

Numbers: 10-100+

Location: Indoors or Outdoors

Duration: 2 hours

Benefits: Corporate Social Responsibility
Problem Solving

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